Our Services

We deliver to our clients successfully completed projects adhering to both budget and schedule.


Delivering the quality and performance buildings in a way that is optimally cost-effective to construct and operate, always exceeding clients expectations.
Retail and Tenant Improvements

From store design to retail architecture, we deliver them with a consistently high standard of service. Delivering innovative and high quality projects, without compromising sustainable performance.
Medical and Health

Our experience covers knowledge of all types of the medical field, from typical medical office, imaging centers, to complex hospital design and coordination of all types of medical equipments.

Parks and Recreation

Concept creation with emphasis on nature and green design, reflecting the historic context for the site through thematic synergy and modern verses expressed through forms and materials.
Hospitality and Casinos

Designing hospitality and casino projects at every scale and price level.
Planning and Land Development

Our experienced designers and planners can provide solutions to your site and project needs, to maximize land use, and meet all requirements of codes and planning departments.


Meeting client needs to achieve quality in design and function.

Luxury provided through exceptional design, vision and high standard of service.
Code Consulting

We are experienced in local codes requirements and compliance, we offer plans reviews for code compliance to help clients with submitting the proper plans and documents for permit, and avoid construction delays, Please contact us for additional information regarding this service.

Permit Services

We offer services to assist clients with their project’s permit expediting needs and requirements. We consult with clients on the permit requirements for their specific project and expedite the submittal for plans review. Our service is very unique and provide the valuable service needed to achieve and meet client’s goals and deadlines. Please contact us for additional information regarding this service.

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